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For a project, I needed IMU data in ROS but didn’t have any sensors. So I used my iPhone by downloading the SensorLog App and writing a ROS node to receive real-time data and republish it on a topic.

The only thing is that the App I used costs $4.99, but if you find a free one and modify my code write it in the comments.

The ROS node works by enabling only from the application “unbiased: user acceleration, attitude, gravity, heading, magnetic field, rotation

This is my configuration:

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Recent demographic analyzes show that the average life span of the population is lengthening. This will lead to an increase in users in health facilities with repercussions on the quality of services.
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a European project for the development of new non-invasive technologies allowing the monitoring of the daily activities of the elderly in the home environment, guaranteeing a prolonged independent lifestyle.
This work aims to design and develop a predictive model based on the measurements provided by four sensors installed on the subjects.

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-------------------------             ------------------------
| | | \ | | |
| DATA | NEXT |-------------| DATA | NEXT |
| | | / | | |
------------------------- ------------------------

One of the methods to have dynamic data structures in C is to use linked lists. In this article, I present the basic methods to add, remove and search an item.

For these examples, the data structure we use is as follows:

typedef struct listas {
int info;
struct listas * next;
} list_t;

Add item to the head:

list_t * listaddhead (list_t * t, int val)
list_t * new_item;
if((new_item = malloc(sizeof(list_t)))){…

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If you export the address book in CSV, you can delete duplicate contacts and also those with phone numbers with more or less than X digits.

First you need to export your contacts in CSV format.

For this tutorial we use python.

First you need to read the csv file:

contacts = pd.read_csv("contacts.csv")

To delete the contacts with the duplicate phone number do this command. You have to replace “Numero di telefono” with the name of the phone number column of your CSV file:

contacts.drop_duplicates(subset=['Numero di telefono']) 
# name of the column that identifies the telephone number

If you want…

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Usually when programming in R I use Rstudio as IDE.

But if you want to run an R script directly from the terminal because you need it for your workflow you can keep reading.

To run a MacOS terminal script you need to add it in your .zshrc this line

export PATH="/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/Current/Resources:$PATH"

First, check that the path is also correct for your computer and that the Rscript file is there.

After verifying and adding the correct path in the .zshrc file do:

source .zshrc

Now, if you write Rscript followed by the name of the R script it will be…

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R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.

R is an interpreted language so one of the disadvantages is slower execution compared to direct native machine code execution on the host CPU.

In this article, we see an example of how to speed up your R code when using a large dataset.

There are certainly other ways to improve the performance of the code that I will present

I have noticed that when using data frames and changing the data…

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I have noticed that Arduino IDE is not very stable and often crashes! So I decided to make a guide on how to configure Visual Studio Code for Arduino.

Furthermore, Arduino IDE is not the best as an IDE for programming.

To use Visual Studio Code as an IDE for Arduino, however, you must have installed the Arduino IDE, then in Visual Studio Code download the Arduino extension, going to the tab for extensions and looking for Arduino:

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To create a site with WordPress, you usually have to rely on a service that gives you a complete package with the domino. This solution usually costs more than 50€ per year. And most frequently from the second year the price increases.

In this article, I will show you how to use free VMs to host your WordPress site, paying only the domain (12€), so you save a ton of money.

First, if you don't have one, you need to buy a domain. I use to buy a domain.

After buying the domain, you need to create a virtual…

With script Python

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One of the things we usually do is make copies of files, folders to make sure we don’t lose anything. In the end, we are left with a lot of duplicate files and don’t know what to keep.

In this article, I will explain how to delete duplicate files in all subdirectories. This method even works if the file has a different name.

For example, I have multiple directories with photos but with a lot of duplicate images and video, so I find a script python that finds those duplicate files and it writes them to a CSV file.


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